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massoholic's News

Posted by massoholic - March 12th, 2022

i really hope what i've been hearing doesn't mean anything too terrible

if progress does end up getting disrupted (for like the 8th time) then expect an asset dump soon, i'm too drained for this


Posted by massoholic - February 20th, 2022

i've been through like 5 musicians and still havent gotten anything back so here's this. like i said before, if nothing else i'll just finish the sprites and post all my .flas here when they're done because i'm really not sure who to ask about this at this point, i'm just getting exhausted honestly

wanted this to stay secret until release but whatever there's more i haven't shown anyways


Posted by massoholic - January 21st, 2022

big autistic blogpost about the zoomie game incoming, sorry in advance

hey its been a month since my last mod progress update, sorry about that, figured i should clear the air about some things since i've been kinda quiet about this again. might take a while but i'll be as transparent as i can about everything.

as far as my end of things goes, i'm still slowly but surely churning out sprites, just haven't been uploading them because i like keeping some things secret but here are a few little teases (not leaks :)))) for proof. these should be done pretty soon since i'm just getting my computer back to where it was pre-hard drive failure, so i'd say keep an eye out but i'm still more than likely going to keep shit under wraps except maybe the background and grounder since they're the only things i've revealed prior to this. anyway here's your teases, probably not too hard to guess what this stuff means if you've watched the show before even though one of these things was never in it




again im sorry about not posting much about this, im already a slow fucker, and on top of that i want this to look and be as good as i can get it. the last thing i want is to rush shit to try and meet a deadline or outpace other mods that are gonna be treading the same ground (btw check out YTP invasion if you somehow haven't already, it looks so fucking sick and will probably come out sooner than my mod lol), this is purely for fun so im going to pace myself with it, as much as that might disappoint some people. its something im doing because im a sonic autist at heart and i really like what funkin offers for people new to gamedev and animation. i'm sorry for dragging things out, but i want this to come out the best it can without people having to rush or bust their balls too much over it. people have been cranking out mods so fast lately that it feels like they almost take no effort at all, but for someone brand new to this stuff, it's a process getting things together and learning as you go along. that's just more bitching though lmao, i'll try to keep that to a minimum here. point is, i'm working on a bunch of things for this, just not going public with a lot of it. i'll share some minor stuff here and there but i probably wont show off anything big until i start getting things for this next section.

now for the other big part of the project, music. this is where shit starts to get a little shaky. like i said before, jacaris is the composer i initially got on board. they've been cranking out some seriously good shit lately and i'm super happy for them and how much they're accomplishing, but right now it looks like they've been so busy that they haven't been able to get to my mod specifically. i've reached out a few times for progress updates and haven't gotten a response, so i'm assuming the workload has gotten pretty heavy for them. i wish jacaris the best and hope the projects they're working on come out great, but this obviously leaves me in a pretty tight spot. i've looked around a bit and again, haven't had much luck in finding anyone to do music for this. there's someone i have in mind to reach out to, but before i shoot my shot with that, i need to know whether or not jacaris is dropping out, even if i'm starting to believe that's the case. it's not fair for me to get someone else to do that job when i haven't cleared it with the original person in that position. i'm also not entirely innocent here, i've been lenient on sharing progress updates and spent a lot of time practicing art which, while it could benefit the mod in the long run, is mostly for my own personal gain in the field. the mod's been a priority for me for a long time now, and i've been neglecting to give it the attention it deserves, so if it ends up getting canned it's more than likely going to be my fault for being a shitstain. if that does end up being the case though, i'm 100% dumping the assets here and probably someplace else so people can at least mess around with what i have. it's not much, i know, but it's the best i can do if that ends up being the case

tl;dr,kys: art's coming along for now with the pc recovery and jacaris is really busy. modding is hard waaaah waaaah. not posting this on 6chins because im not gonna bitch and moan to anons when i don't have anything major to show off to compensate for the whining

anyway that's it, gonna get back to work on it so i can feel a little less guilty about this stuff lel

have this old mural submission for scrolling through this wall of text about le trendy flash game 4kids. maybe it'll mean something for the maybe not



Posted by massoholic - December 17th, 2021

miracle worker guy managed to salvage a bunch of shit from my dead hard drive, most importantly, the robotnik .flas and extra stuff id been working on

thats a major relief on my end, and thanks to this i should be able to kick shit into gear again real soon. its not much, but heres a tease to (hopefully) make up for the insane amount of dragging ive been doing, and sorry for the millionth time about it. hopefully thisll be the last big setback i have to get over



Posted by massoholic - December 8th, 2021

it was completely reset and i have to redo everything that i did not have backed up :^)

Posted by massoholic - December 3rd, 2021

blogposting again because of one little fuckup thatll probably ruin the rest of the year for me if it goes how i think itll go (very fucking badly): essentially my computers hard drive is dead/dying, and theres a really good chance i lost a bunch of projects id been working on. no idea what this means for bigger projects like robotnik, that super old comic id been working on (not posted anywhere yet jej) or wip drawings, but whatever news there could be probably isnt any good. its a pretty shitty situation to be in, but worst comes to worst, ill have to redo/scrap a lot of stuff. really hoping things dont come to the latter but at this point i just have to wait and see what can still be salvaged from the hard drive. as of right now nothings trashed, but i obviously cant say anything until im back up and running again. not much i can do from here but say ill get back to work on things as soon as i can, just wanted people to have a heads-up on whats been going on

Posted by massoholic - November 8th, 2021

here is a hint: definitely NOT pic related. that would be ridiculous. utterly inane. how anyone could think such a thing is beyond me



Posted by massoholic - October 15th, 2021

im sorry for being such a lazy piece of shit lately, i got caught up with so much stuff that im barely keeping up

this one should come out pretty good though, i forgot how fun it is to draw p-bot and the last thing i want is for my first public drawing of him in ages to come out looking bad


Posted by massoholic - September 28th, 2021

hey. i guess you could say ive been absent for a bit. wanted to clear a few things up since im finally getting my shit together. dont wanna make this longer than it has to be so ill just get into it and skip the introductory shit.

first things first -- got a lot of art projects and requests on my backlog, been working pretty hard to make time for them all in my schedule, and im finally starting to get to a point where i can start finishing things up. i should be able to get one little thing out tomorrow if everything goes according to plan, so look forward to that if you have any interest in what ive been putting out (as infrequently as that is). the excuse im pulling out of my ass to justify the slog this time is that ive been in a real shitty place the past few months due to personal decisions and behavior that's cut me out of contact with a lot of people i thought i was close with (nothing creepy/illegal or anything lmao if it was i wouldnt be talking), and it's really been fucking with my head. that entirely falls on me though and im gonna really try to push forward and leave those thoughts out of my head so i can keep pumping out what i can to try and make people happy and have fun, that's always been what ive wanted to do with art, and im glad im finally being able to do it here, even if it isnt getting a ton of eyes. theres a lot of cool shit im working on and im really excited to get it done so you guys can see it and give me more ideas in the future. hopefully i dont get too many spur-of-the-moment ideas like iim prone to so i can get them all out in a somewhat timely fashion.

ALSO--i wanted to make a little announcement for my robotnikbros here. finally grew a pair and started asking around for some musicians, and im super excited to announce that Jacaris is going to be the lead composer for the project. they put out some really great music and i know for a fact that with their help this is gonna be something really special to look forward to, i hope you guys are as excited to hear what comes out as i am, there's good shit in our future, that's a fucking promise.

thats about everything. sorry for kinda going radio-silent on you guys. i need to do better with communication stuff since im such a huge pussy in that regard, hope i havent been too unbearable and whiny, i know thats kinda the artists curse, but hey, if im gonna be a living shitpost, i might as well go all-in for the sake of the meme. thanks for reading fuckers, im not dead yet and im not gonna stop putting stuff out until i am

Posted by massoholic - September 11th, 2021

still no composer though i swear im working on that too

icons arent final either theyre just placeholders for the sake of it


in case the embed fucks up again heres a proper link : https://files.catbox.moe/o534kv.mp4