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massoholic's News

Posted by massoholic - March 14th, 2024

forgot to say thanks for 100

didnt think the [as] collab would shoot my numbers up so much but i had a lot of fun working on that, more stuff in a similar vein (probably not collabs unless something comes up though) should be ready soon. the goal is to make this year more productive than the last, which is honestly a super low bar but its something


Posted by massoholic - April 26th, 2023

ich liebe die simpsons oui oui очень хорошо



Posted by massoholic - March 4th, 2023

cant care about sonic anymore, flas and sprite sheets are included but most of this is unfinished for a myriad of reasons





Posted by massoholic - October 27th, 2022

they're back and properly fucking organized now, just in time for my birthday. help a brother out if you want. shoot me a message and i'll draw your rank oc doing a cool skateboard trick or something crazy


Posted by massoholic - September 1st, 2022


i havent done sprites in ages it feels good getting back to it

Posted by massoholic - August 14th, 2022

comics done for now thank fuck

gonna go back to work on some older stuff and hopefully take things a bit easier up until next year's portion of it. i'm gonna focus on enjoying myself and polishing my work for a bit rather than trying to force something out by a certain date and hopefully the things i'm working on will end up better for it

doodle unrelated or is it question mark?


Posted by massoholic - May 21st, 2022

that special month is right around the corner

if all goes according to plan my special little project is gonna be rolling out as it comes along and i'm gonna rustle some jimmies again. i'm very excited to see what happens with it this year and i hope other people get as much of a kick out of it as i'm sure i will. worst comes to worst i'll have to roll out pages a bit off schedule if classes and real life stuff get in the way, but as it stands i think i can still manage to have things mostly ready to come out on time, at least for the first half of the month

this is my first time trying something like this so if it's not great it'll be a good learning experience if nothing else, hopefully if time allows i'll get more chances to do try this sort of thing in the future. here's a little rough to get the noggin joggin in the meantime

once junes over im going back to work on robotnik, but this has been in the cards for a lot longer than that has believe it or not and i wanna see it through



Posted by massoholic - May 2nd, 2022

havent posted shit in like a month here so i just wanted to say im not dead, just really fucking busy

college is kicking my ass right now, ive got a pretty big shitposty thing in mind for next month that ive been planning since last year and im trying to get it out on schedule, and on top of that im still cranking out art for robotnik

its hard to find a lot of free time to work on the latter two with how classes and irl stuff have been going but ideally once the project ive got lined up is done things should open up a bit and ill be posting as usual again. look at this cool picture in the mean time ok love you


Posted by massoholic - April 7th, 2022

some of these old sprites were ugly as fuck so im completely overhauling a few of them

as of right now scratch and grounder arent gonna change but sonic tails and robotnik are ROUGH. if im taking as long as i am i want things to be as cleaned up as they can be, robotnik's probably gonna stay mostly the same but theres obviously a level of polish missing from him thats not up to my standards, and with me being the OCD-riddled shitstain that i am, hes gonna get freshened up a bit

heres what ive done with sonic so far and a comparison for reference (jesus christ its night and day)



but if you happen to like the one on the left more for whatever godforsaken reason, im more than likely still dropping the assets for them down the line, hopes not completely lost for those guys

ill share more of these soon, musics being worked on too so all in all things are actually going steady, i couldnt be more excited to be finally finding my footing with this project. despite all the stress it's been a ton of fun to work on for me and i hope the final product can reflect that


Posted by massoholic - March 15th, 2022

robotniks still happening i swear i just wanna do a little one-song thing to pass the time, please understand

heres a concept sketch for it, im gonna try to have this done within a week (and once i finish my next art thing) but no promises, im an absolute codelet and i need the practice iu_575881_8443632.webp